How will you Cultivate Abundance at our Retreat?

We have developed a passion for Jamaica and a group of young women fighting to better their lives. For the last 16 years we have travelled to Coopers Pen Jamaica to connect with the earth, spirituality and authentic ways of Jamaican culture.

They live in a world with limited opportunities for women to advance. They are not looking for a handout but a hand up. These incredible young women are intent on starting a small internet Café. More than money they need guidance, mentors and YOUR life experience.

Come to Jamaica for two reasons. Immerse yourself in the local culture. Chat with elders. Enjoy the rustic accommodation, authentic food and engaged community. Your internal growth from yoga, Reiki and other group activities will match your external growth mentoring the girls.

Transforming your own life while transforming the lives of at-risk young women is a unique retreat experience you will never forget.

Clearing the path for young women in Jamaica to bloom.

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